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Dr. des. Marijke Denger


Modern English Literature

B 263
Postal Address
Department of English
Länggassstr. 49
CH – 3000 Bern 9
Consultation Hour
Monday 12:45-14:00 (during term time) or by appointment.

Marijke Denger studied English and Theatre Studies in Leiden, Dublin and Berne. Her main research interests are contemporary postcolonial literatures, postcolonial theory, concepts of time and space, and concepts of identity and community.

In Autumn 2016, she completed her PhD with a thesis on Caring for Community: Towards a New Ethics of Responsibility in Contemporary Postcolonial Novels.


Post-Empire Imaginaries? Anglophone Literature, History, and the Demise of Empires. Eds. Barbara Buchenau and Virginia Richter, with Marijke Denger. Leiden: Brill (forthcoming).

"Michelle de Kretser's The Lost Dog: History and Identity in the Metropolis of Melbourne." Re-Inventing the Postcolonial (in the) Metropolis. Eds. Annika Bauer and Cecile Sandten. Amsterdam: Rodopi (forthcoming).

""The Room Which is Another Garden": Architecture and Interiors in Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient", held at 'A Dialogue of the Arts: The Relationship of Exterior and Interior: Descriptions of Architecture and Interiors in Literature of Early Modern Times to the Present', University of Zürich, 23-24 October 2014.

"Writing Animals and (their) History: Review." Figurationen 15.1 (2014): 124-26.

""None Other than my Ghostly Self": Redeeming (Personal) History in Wendy Law-Yone's The Road to Wanting", held at 'History, Postcolonialism and Tradition', 3rd PSA Biennial Conference, Kingston University, London, 12-13 September 2013.

"Michelle de Kretser's The Lost Dog: Forming Identity in/of the Australian Metropolis", held at 'Re-Inventing the Postcolonial (in the) Metropolis', 24th ASNEL Annual Conference, Chemnitz University of Technology, 09-11 May 2013.

Gafner, Barbara, and Marijke Kähler. "Conference Report: Postcolonial Translocations - 20th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of New English Literatures (GNEL/ASNEL), University of Münster, 21-24 May 2009." ACOLIT 64 (July 2009): 18-20.

Research Interests

Contemporary postcolonial literatures, postcolonial theory, ritual, hauntology, concepts of time, concepts of space, concepts of community, concepts of identity (construction), postmodern narrative strategies.