Institute for World Literature

The CGS is an institutional sponsor of the IWL (Institute for World Literature). The IWL is a 4-week summer school that takes place alternatingly in Harvard and different universities across the globe, devoted to exploring the study of literature in a globalizing world.

Our institutional membership enables two (sometimes more) of our students to take part in the IWL for only half the fees (USD 900 instead of 1.800). We will try to provide the other half with funds from the CGS. The deadline for application is 1 February for the upcoming IWL, which usually takes place between the end of June and the end of July. It offers a unique possibility not only to meet renowned faculty, but also for academic networking. After returning, the participants are asked to provide a short report of their experiences.  The 2016 IWL will take place in Harvard again.

For further information on the IWL, such as future venues and application procedure, please consult its webpage. If you would like to apply for further IWL Summer schools, please get in touch with Prof. Thomas Claviez, who is responsible for the cooperation with the IWL.