Malaika Sutter, MA

Doktorandin SNF

North American Literature and Culture

+41 31 684 83 61
Postal Address
Department of English
Länggassstr. 49
CH – 3012 Bern

Malaika Sutter studied English Languages and Literatures and Contemporary History at the University of Bern. She earned a second master’s degree in English from the University of Rochester, NY, as a Fulbright grantee in 2019/20. She is currently working as an assistant to Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl (Chair of American Studies / Literatures in English) and will start her SNF-funded Doc.CH project “Crafting the Needle: Text/ile-Image Constellations in Contemporary North American Fiction and Art” in January 2021 under Prof. Dr. Rippl’s supervision.

Research Interests

Contemporary North American literature, anglophone literature (especially 20th and 21st centuries), needlework arts and textiles, quilt studies, intermediality, intertextuality, materiality, subjectivity, visual arts, feminist theory, queer theory, critical theory, postcolonial literatures and postcolonial theory, storytelling and historiography.