Deadlines Autumn Semester 2020

Registration/deregistration KSL: 15 October / 15 March

Assessment registration/deregistration KSL: 15 November / 15 April

BA Thesis registration (Submission in Autumn 2020):
•    Supervisor deadline: 30 April 2020 (extended to 07. May 2020, due to COVID-19)
•    Study counsellor and secretariat deadline: 30 September 2020
•    Thesis submission deadline: 18 December

BA Thesis registration (Submission in Spring 2021):
•    Supervisor deadline: 15 November 2020
•    Study counsellor and secretariat deadline: 01 March 2021
•    Thesis submission deadline: 04 June 2021

MA Thesis registration (Graduation in Spring 2021):
•    Department and Dean's Office registration deadline: 01 June 2020
•    Thesis submission deadline: 07 December 2020

MA Thesis registration (Graduation in Autumn 2021):
•    Department and Dean's Office registration deadline: 03 December 2020
•    Thesis submission deadline: 07 June 2021

Advanced Reading List:
•    Exam: 08 December 2020, 16-17
•    Resit: 05 February 2021, 16-17

Exam Schedule for Lectures

Starting in Autumn 2019, the examination schedule for lectures (including Grammar) will take place within the 14-week teaching semester. The obligatory exam for lectures will take place in the twelfth semester week and mainly taking place at the usual course meeting time and in the usual course venue. Students failing an exam are allowed one chance to resit it. These resit exams will take place in the thirteenth semester week (again, usual course time and venue). Students who, for valid medical or other official reasons, were unable to take the main exam or resit exam, will have another chance in the fourteenth semester week to take the exam. The exceptions to this fixed exam schedule are the two MA Foundation lectures.