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My primary research interests are at the interdisciplinary interface between sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, human geography and mobility studies, specifically within the fields of discourse, globalization, migration, multilingualism, education and tourism studies.

I hold a PhD in Modern English Linguistics from the University of Bern, Switzerland (2009), and am a former SNSF Marie Heim-Vögtlin Fellow (2015-2017). I am currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan (MultiLing), an internationally leading research center, based in Oslo and financed by the Research Council of Norway’s Center of Excellence scheme. I was hired to contribute to MultiLing’s flagship project Multilingualism and Globalization: Perspectives from Norway, a project made possible by the University of Oslo's funding from the Norwegian Parliament for five world-leading research communities. My individual project entitled, Embodied Sociolinguistics through Yoga in a Globalized World investigates embodied sociolinguistics and multilingual language practices within a yoga studio and draws on a mixed methodological approach by incorporating interactional sociolinguistic methods, focus group interviews and mobile ethnography.

I am also a strong advocate of gender equality within academia and have addressed this in my work (Gonçalves 2019e). This has also been the impetus for the successful international workshop I organized at the University of Oslo, Norway entitled, “Women and Leadership”, which will continue in 2019.

Selected Publications


2013. Conversations of Intercultural Couples. Berlin/Boston: Mouton de Gruyter. (Reviewed in Discourse Studies).

2019a. Labour Policies, Language Use and the ‘New’ Economy - The Case of Adventure Tourism. In Language and Globalization series. Palgrave Macmillan. [forthcoming]

2020. Domestics Talk: Language use and social practices in a multilingual workplace. In ‘Language at Work’ series. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. (w. A. Schluter). [contracted, forthcoming]

Edited volumes

2020. w. H. Kelly-Holmes, Language, Global Mobilities and Blue-collar Workplaces. Critical Studies and Multilingualism Book Series: Routledge. (contracted, forthcoming).

Edited journal issues

2020. (Eds.) Special Issue: Multilingual Writing: methodologies and concepts across contexts. International Journal of Multilingualism (w. K. Vold Lexander & H. De Korne) (accepted, forthcoming).

2019b. (Eds.) Special Issue: X-Scapes: New Horizons in Linguistic Landscapes. Linguistic Landscape. (w. C. Thurlow) (forthcoming).

2019c. (Ed.) Special Issue: Managing people with language: language policy, planning and practice in multilingual ‘blue-collar’ workplaces: a global perspective. Language Policy. (forthcoming).


2019d.  “What the fu** is this for a language, this cannot be Deutsch?” language policies, ideologies and practices within a kitchen crew in an Austrian hotel. Language Policy. (forthcoming).

2018a. YO! Or OY? – say what? Creative place-making through a metrolingual  artifact in Dumbo, Brooklyn. In M. Moriarty and J. Järlehed (Eds.), Special Issue: Creativity and play in the multilingual semiotic landscape. International Journal of Multilingualism. Pp.1-17.

2016. “Please do not leave any notes for the cleaning lady, as many do not speak English fluently”: policy, power and language brokering in a multilingual workplace. Language Policy 16 (3) 241-265. (w. A. Schluter).