Welcome to the Department of English

In the Department of English at the University of Bern, we consider it our mission to familiarize our students with English literatures as well as English language and linguistics in all their complexity, scope and richness, as well as to provide them with the necessary methodological and theoretical tools to approach these burgeoning fields of study. The department also offers an exciting research environment that allows the students to choose and profit from cutting-edge scholarship in a wide variety of subjects. We help students develop their interpretive, linguistic and critical skills in order to understand the rich contexts in which cultural texts, literatures and languages evolve and change.

The department is also embedded in an extensive national and international scholarly network, which ensures the influx of foreign scholars and views that enliven the intellectual environment we offer. 

Located in the culturally vibrant capital city, the Department of English moreover offers an active student life with many opportunities to pursue activities and exchange ideas outside the curriculum and academic sphere.

To learn more about what the department has to offer – from undergraduate and graduate programmes to research projects, fields of expertise, faculty members, and exciting events – follow the respective links.