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Due to Dr. Hedegard's maternity leave, from May 1st 2024 until January 3rd 2025, BA students with surnames A-L who have inquiries or questions should direct them to Dr. Gonçalves.

Study counselling for BA students (includes diploma ratification - 'Studienleitung')

Study counselling for MA students (includes diploma ratification - 'Studienleitung')

International Coordinator (Stay Abroad Enquiries)

ARL coordinator

Admission Enquiries (BA, MA, PhD)

Please be aware that study counselling is only one of several administrative and teaching roles we hold. You should expect to wait up to a week to receive a reply to a study counselling enquiry, so plan accordingly. Contacting the other study counsellor or Sannie Germann in the event you don’t get an immediate response often creates confusion and delays the handling of your query further.

Please note that all formal aspects of the admission procedure are handled by the office for Zulassung, Immatrikulation und Beratung (ZIB) (info.zib@unibe.ch), e.g., admission requirements, validation of external/international degrees, etc. The ZIB will confer with the Dean’s Office and the Department of English regarding the placement (Einstufung) of graduate students. Informal enquiries about study programmes offered at the Department of English may be directed to Assoziierter Prof. Dr. Axel Stähler.

Independent Studies Proposals

Contact any member of teaching staff

Independent Studies Coordinator

Assessment of Courses and Information about your Results

Individual course instructors and notice boards

KSL Enquiries

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