Stay Abroad

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Covid-19 and Stay Abroad Requirement

The requirements for the Stay Abroad have temporarily been adjusted to the difficulties posed by the present health crisis. This concerns mainly students who are planning to write their BA thesis in 2020 or 2021. If you think you may require special conditions, please get in touch with the IC, Nicole Nyffenegger to discuss your situation.


“Cross-cultural learning and studying abroad can be transformative.” – Amal Clooney


The Department of English requires all of its students to spend time abroad in a country where English is an official language. Major students are asked to study or work abroad for at least 6 months, minor students for 3 months (Corona measures may apply). The stay abroad is usually done during the Focusing Phase of the BA studies.


This term's Stay Abroad Meeting was cancelled due to the Covid-19 measures. Hear about other students' experiences in this term's Virtual Stay Abroad Meeting.