Completing Your Stay Abroad

Once you have completed your stay abroad requirement (whether done in one stay or several) you need to submit your complete dossier, in one email, please, to the IC so it can be processed and entered into KSL.

Please submit copies of the following documents (for each stay, if it was split):

  • The original Stay Abroad Agreement Sheet
  • Proof of the duration of the stay (e.g., plane tickets, employer’s letter)

And either:

  • A university transcript, or other certificate (plus a signed ETCS Learning Agreement for Erasmus students); or
  • A letter from the student’s employer/manager

In addition to these documents the completed Stay Abroad dossier should include:

  • 750-word report on the student’s stay; or
  • A commitment to present on their stay at the next Annual Stay Abroad Meeting

Fill in the Submission Sheet as a word document.


Recognition of courses from abroad

University courses taken abroad are usually accredited either as

  • Wahlbereich: graded, can be any discipline
  • Optional credits: ungraded, must be related to English language, literature or linguistics (i.e., a course you might find in our course-booklet).
  • Freiwillige Zusatzleistungen, if the credits are not required to complete the BA

When you submit your dossier, please make sure to indicate on the submission sheet (link above) where in your Planning view you would ideally like your courses entered!