Dr. Gwynne Mapes

PostDoc SNF / Assistentin

Language and Communication

+41 31 684 45 09
B 272
Postal Address
Department of English
Länggassstr. 49
CH – 3012 Bern

Gwynne Mapes is a postdoc assistant in Language and Communication. Her research falls under the domain of critical sociolinguistics and discourse analysis – she focuses on language in the context of social class; food; material culture; authenticity; (new) media; and most recently, political speechwriting as high-end language work. Gwynne has numerous publications and conference proceedings, including a book with Oxford University Press titled Elite Authenticity: Remaking Distinction in Food Discourse.

Research Interests

Media discourse; language ideology; class and elitist discourse; food studies; consumption studies; preferred method: critical discourse analysis of written and/or spoken language.