Distinguished Lecture Series

Upcoming lectures

This fall semester Timothy Campell will give a talk on 23 October and a workshop on 24 October on the topic of "Biopolitical Ethics and the Comic Self". Michael Naas will give a talk on 27 November and a workshop on 28 November on the topic "Dumb Luck: Jacques Derrida and the Question of Contingency".




The Walter Benjamin Kolleg continues the highly successful Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) established by the former CCS and Prof. Thomas Claviez. The DLS comprises a series of lectures – usually between three and four per year – on a certain topic, and invites scholars of world renown to give a talk and a connected workshop. Among its speakers, the DLS has welcomed scholars such as Giorgio Agamben, Paul Gilroy, Homi Bhabha, Jacques Rancière, Judith Butler, and Alain Badiou, among others. You can find the podcasts of some of the lectures here; the program of the years 2010-2015 here.

The proceedings of the first series have been published by Fordham UP under the title The Common Growl: Towards a Poetics of Precarious Community in July 2016.

After the lectures by Laura Marcus in April and Cary Wolfe in May, the 2016 DLS was completed by Rosi Braidotti in October 2016. The first lecture of the DLS 2017 was held by Slavoj Žižek on 26 May on the topic of "The Ethics of Christian Atheism".


Further information

Click here for more details on the program of the DLS.
For further information please see the Walter Benjamin Kolleg website.