We are a very active and vibrant research community. The events presented here are a selection of conferences, guest lectures and other events hosted and organised by staff of our department.

As a temporary, Covid-19 related measure, MA students are allowed to count online lectures towards their guest lecture attendance credit. As an additional requirement, students are asked to submit a one-page summary of the lecture, including the main arguments and key concepts covered. For guest lectures in person, the signed form suffices.

Autumn 2022

Guest lectures for the autumn semester will continously be added.

 Date Title
 9 April 2020  Imagining the Digital World: Identity, Society, Surveillance  PD Dr. Julia Straub
 2-4 May 2018  X-Scapes:10th Linguistic Landscape Workshop  Prof. Dr. Crispin Thurlow
 11-12 Dec. 2017
City Talk: Urban Identities, Mobilities and Textualities  Joseph Comer, Gwynne Mapes
 8-10 Nov. 2017 Visualizing (in) the New Media
 Prof. Dr. Crispin Thurlow, Vanessa Jaroski
 10-13 Oct. 2017 International Workshop on the Senses, Past and Present  Prof. Dr. Annette Kern-Stähler
 15-16 September 2017 Cuso Workshop 2017: The Materialities of American Culture  Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl, PD. Dr. Julia Straub, MA Sofie Behluli
 9-10 March 2017 Studies of Paradise: Where Language Meets Culture in the Pacific  Dominique B. Hess, Tobias Leonhardt, Sara Lynch

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Autumn 2020

The CSLS (Center for the Study of Language and Society) host a lecture series on "Jugendsprache". To see their programme, click here. 

The BMZ (Berner Mittelalterzentrum) has a lecture series on "Fremdbilder - Selbstbilder: Juden und Christen im Mittelalter." Some lectures are held in English. Click here to see their programme.

Attending guest lectures from both these lecture series may be counted towards MA Students' 1 ECTS guest lecture requirement, if the chosen lecture is held in English. Moreover, if the lecture is online, students are required to write a one-page summary of the lecture.


Spring 2020

Due to COVID-19, all guest lectures were cancelled or postponed.

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