Administrative Staff

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Main Office (D 201) Student Opening Hours during Semester:

       Morning 9-10 am        Afternoon 2-3 pm
Monday         e-mail response             e-mail response
Tuesday          closed              closed
Wednesday          open              e-mail response
Thursday          open              open
Friday          closed              closed

Please send an email to to make an appointment if you are not able to come during office hours.

Please note: Office hours may vary. During term break as well as during term when someone from the admin staff is on leave, the opening hours may vary from week to week. To make sure that the main office is staffed, please consult the notice on the door (D201) contact us by email or call us at +41 31 684 82 45. When closed, please use the Departmental Mail Box outside the main office to deposit assignments and other communications for staff. 


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