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The Department of English is one of the seven departments of languages and literatures at the University of Bern. We are a lively, medium-sized department with currently around 600 students, six professors and more than a dozen teaching staff members. The fields covered in the department include a wide range of research areas in both literature, and language and linguistics. This website provides you with information regarding our study programs, courses, staff members, ongoing research projects and current events.

Important Information

Rome excursion – Registration still possible

There still are a limited number of places left for this autumn semester’s excursion to Rome, organized by PD Dr Ursula Kluwick and PD Dr Julia Straub. The excursion is tied to their MA seminars “Shakespeare in Italy” and “American Travelers in Italy” (both Thursday 12-14). Sign-up is possible via KSL as of August 1st; more information can be found in the Course Booklet and by e-mailing the instructors.


Deadlines Spring 2018

Registration/deregistration: 15 March 2018

Assessment registration/deregistration: 15 April 2018

BA Thesis registration (for writing in Spring 2018): final registration 1 March 2018

BA Thesis registration (for writing in Autumn 2018): preliminary registration 30 April 2018

MA Thesis registration (for writing in Autumn 2018): departmental and faculty 31 May 2018

BA Thesis submission: 1 June 2018

MA Thesis submission: 11 June 2018

Advanced Reading List exam: 25 May 2018

Global Resit: 5 September 2018



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