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Important Information


1) Attendance

Attendance is mandatory.  If you miss a class, you must write to your instructor to apologize for your absence and explain why it was unavoidable. Students who miss more than 2 sessions of a lecture or seminar and more than 1
session of a Forum or Colloquium will FAIL the course in question.  In the case of military service, absences will only be excused if the student informs his or her teacher before the class begins, and no more than five missed classes can be excused.

2) Registering for Classes on KSL

For every course entry in KSL there are two sign-up steps: registration to the course and registration to the assessment. It is the registration for the assessment that decides how the course will be counted for you, that is, as ungraded, graded or focus module. The deadline for registration and deregistration is 15 November for the autumn semester, 15 April for the spring semester. After that the registrations are binding. There will be no exceptions.


Registering for Courses

You will have to register for every individual course you are planning to take on KSL before the start of term.  In the case of seminars, at this stage of the registration it does not yet matter whether you take it as graded, ungraded, or part of a module. At this point you will always sign up for the simple 4 ECTS version!

Registration will be open from 15 August 2014 and deregistration will be possible until 15 November 2014.

Please note, in order to access course material you will have to sign up separately for the course on ILIAS.

For general advice on how the signing-up process works on KSL please watch the video tutorial KSL provides on their website. http://kslvideos.unibe.ch/?l=de


Registering for Assessment

Registration for assessment will be open from 15 September 2014 until 15 November 2014.  If you do not need a grade for a course you can simply register for the assessment in the version of the course which you have already put into your planning view and signed up for (make sure, in that case, that now you sign up for the course AND the assessment).

If you need a grade, you will have to register for a separate assessment. In this case DO NOT register for the assessment in the ungraded version of the course. There are the following options:


  • If you are registering for the Grammar and Writing skill exams, look for the assessment called "Writing Skills I+II" or "Modern English Grammar I+II" and sign up for it as both course and assessment.
  • If you are registering for a focus module, look for the 10 ECTS entry in KSL (to be found under the name of the whole focus module) and register for it as both course and assessment (yes, that does seem redundant, but still).
  • If you are registering for a graded MA Seminar look for the 7 ECTS version of the seminar and register for both course and assessment. You can then either deregister from the 4 ECTS version, or leave it and we'll deregister you eventually.
  • If you need a grade for a lecture or a workshop sign up for the ungraded version of the course anyway and let your instructor know.

Exceptions to KSL Registration

The following courses and module do not require registration on KSL: BA- and MA-theses, practical module, independent studies. ALL other courses DO REQUIRE REGISTRATION (including the BA colloquium and the MA forum)!

For more information, see Registration and Exams.

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