Courses taken at other Universities

In order to earn credits for courses attended at other Swiss universities, you need to:

  1. Make sure you are familiar with the requirements of the host university – talk to a study counsellor or the instructor of the course at the host university.
  2. Discuss your course choice with the professor of the respective field in our department (e.g. if you are planning on attending a lecture in Modern Linguistics in Basel, you need Professor Britain’s or Professor Thurlow's approval).
  3. Fill in the form courses taken at other universities.pdf (PDF, 46KB).
  4. At the end of term, hand in the form to the instructor of the course and have them sign it. Alternatively, they can also scan it and send it to you electronically after they have corrected your assignment.
  5. Take the form to your study counsellor at our department, so your ECTS can be entered in your record.

If you are interested in taking courses at the Universities of Neuchâtel or Fribourg, please note that there is a special exchange programme called BeNeFri. For more information, see the BeNeFri section on the ZIB homepage.

Our study plan allows you to earn the following maximum amount of credits at other universities:

BA Major: 30 ECTS

BA Minor (60 ECTS): 15 ECTS

BA Minor (30 ECTS): 7 ECTS

MA Major: 30 ECTS

MA Minor: 10 ECTS