Recording Devices, Corpora, Software and Tools

The Department of English provides a variety of recording devices and microphones to assist the linguistic fieldwork of staff and students (see list). To borrow a device, come by the office of the Language and Linguistics student assistants (B284) during office hours or by appointment. A 50.-CHF deposit is required for each borrowed device.

Available devices

For questions regarding recording devices, please contact Lau Krummenacher (

Departmental Corpus Computers

The department provides access to several spoken and written corpora (index), with speakers from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, including L1 and L2 English speakers from a number of countries and regions. Also available are two TV shows, The Only Way Is Essex (seasons 1-7) and Made In Chelsea (seasons 1-4).

All of these are located on the designated computer by the presence shelves in the department. The password is provided in applicable courses or through a supervisor.

Publicly Available Online Corpora

This document provides a short description of each corpus, availablility, accessibility and links: Corpora 07.12.2016.pdf (PDF, 313KB).

Please comply with the appropriate ethical guidelines and handle the data with care! For questions regarding corpora, please contact Lau Krummenacher (

There are a number of helpful programs and other tools, most of them freeware. It is advisable to download the manual first in order to ensure a successful installation process and avoid compatibility issues etc.

General Tools


Recording and Editing Software


Transcription Software


Analysis Software

For written data:


For acoustic data:


For statistical analysis:

For questions regarding recording devices, recording corpora, software and tools, or for any other ‘Resources’ related queries, feedback and reports please contact Lau Krummenacher (